Our high quality, trusted kayaks from Old Town and Ocean Kayak will suit you and your adventures on the water. We offer a variety of sizes and styles, including sit-inside and sit-on-top kayaks, single and tandem kayaks, recreational pedal-powered kayaks and powerful, pedal kayaks engineered for fishing. Below are the specs for our Old Town “Loon,” “Twin Heron” and “Predator PDL Angler” kayaks as well as our Ocean Kayak “Scrambler,” “Malibu Two XL” and “Malibu PDL Pedal” kayaks. If you rent one of these and decide that you’d like to buy it, we’ll apply your rental rate to your purchase. And we offer deep discounts on purchases that make buying your own kayak an attractive investment.

Old Town Loon (solo, sit-inside)

Meet the world’s most advanced recreational sit-inside paddle kayak featuring a redesigned hull for better glide and traction. Whether you choose the 10.5-foot or 12-foot Loon, you’ll enjoy a relaxing, easy-going ride. These crafts tout adjustable plush seats, under-leg supports, dry storage bins with a USB port and customizable spaces for cameras and gear. The Loon’s wide, flat hull has a solid, stable feel with a sharp keel line for improved glide and tracking across open water.

Three Layer polyethylene
10’6” long (Loon 106); 53 lbs. – holds 325 pounds
12’ long (Loon 120); 56 lbs. – holds 375 pounds

Ocean Kayak’s Scrambler (solo. sit-on-top)

One of the most functional, mid-size, sit-on-top paddle kayaks made, Ocean Kayak’s Scrambler invites you to surf, splash and play all day! Featuring a Tri-Form hull that keeps you tracking as straight as an arrow, this recreational craft is a favorite for those wanting simplicity and performance combined. The 6-inch Cam-Lock hatch and oversized rear tank well with bungee straps hold the sunscreen, clothing and extra snacks you need for a fun day on the water. Molded foot wells allow you to easily change your position without any parts to move or break.

Single Layer Polyethylene
47 lbs. – holds 350 pounds
11’6.5” long

Old Town’s Twin Heron (tandem, paddle, sit-inside)

The Twin Heron delivers great performance and superior stability, both as a one-person paddle kayak and as a tandem kayak. It features the innovative Auto Trim Hull, designed to prevent the bow from popping up when someone is seated solo in the stern seat. You can remove the front seat to make room for your dog to ride along or for easy access to your fishing gear. The Twin Heron is a great option for the outdoors enthusiast or family looking for recreational fun.

3-layer Polyethylene
60 lbs. – holds 450-500 pounds
13.5’ long

Ocean Kayak’s Malibu Two XL (tandem paddle, sit-on-top)

Enjoy the stability, versatility and freedom of movement of this ever-popular, sit-on-top, family-fun boat. The “Malibu Two XL” is perfect for larger paddlers and can be navigated solo or tandem. It easily fits two adults and features overlapping foot wells, side-mounted carrying handles and a deck bungee. This is a stable, versatile kayak built for adventure. Take a friend out on the water or go by yourself.

Single layer Polyethylene
68 lbs. – holds up to 500 pounds
13’ 4” long

Ocean Kayak’s Malibu PDL (pedal & paddle powered, solo, sit-on-top)

Dive in feet first with Ocean Kayak’s “Malibu PDL” pedal Kayak! This beach-worthy craft features an advanced PDL Drive system that mounts in seconds and makes for a fun, zippy, stable experience with turn-on-dime performance. The padded pedals get you to your destination quickly and comfortably and a child’s jump seat in the stern makes family outings a breeze.

Single Layer Polyethylene
100 lbs. – holds up to 450 pounds
12’ long
PDL Drive System can reach 5.5.mph

Old Town’s Predator PDL Angler (pedal powered, solo, sit-on-top for fishing)

With Old Town’s “Predator PDL” Pedal Drive sit-on-top Angler, the fish won’t hear you coming until it’s too late. The most advanced pedal powered fishing machine of its kind, the Predator PDL will get you to the spot fast and will keep you there without paddling. With forward and reverse controls and agile maneuverability, the Predator PDL is designed to move quickly through the water so that you can follow the shoreline, casting around structures like a tournament pro. The removable pedal drive installs in seconds and tips up instantly for shallow water docking.

Single Layer Polyethylene
117 lbs. – holds 500 pounds
13’2” long