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From our paddleboards, kayaks, surfboards, fishing gear, bike fleet and marine accessories, we’re set to outfit you for a safe and exciting adventure here in the New England seaside town of Humarock.

Whether you seek a breezy two-wheeled expedition up the stunning coastline, a romantic excursion on a pair of paddleboards, a day of fly fishing with the region’s finest teacher, a vacation riding the waves at Humarock Beach or a morning paddling its coastline, our Watersports Center is your seaside equipment headquarters.

We’re also a proud outpost for the renowned Levitate surf shops. Come visit and see their line of surf, paddle & boogie-boards and unique watersports apparel. If fly fishing is your passion, we’re the exclusive headquarters for Joe Cordeiro’s Fly Fishing Guide Services.

Whether you want to play hookie with your partner or book a last-minute weekend escape with your family or business colleagues, we’ve got the gear and instruction you need to make your visit worthy of lasting memories.


Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP) are one of the most fun ways to experience the water. Just steps from our Boathouse door, the South River and Humarock Beach beckon you to “walk on the water” on our colorful BIC Sports SUP line. Known for their stability and reliable performance, our BIC boards are great for first-timers, children, families and fitness enthusiasts. Their Tough-Tec construction is great on flat water and for navigating the tides with confidence. Whether you seek family fun, a core strengthening workout or marine exploration along the crystal clear waters of our coastline, our line of BIC SUP will help make your journey a memorable one.

If you’d like to step it up another notch and go further and faster, our Levitate brand paddleboards are made of super-lightweight carbon and are great for the more discriminating paddleboarder. Seasoned adventurers love their high performance, outstanding aesthetics and ability to navigate the waves with precision. Many Levitate fans buy these boards just to hang on the wall. Check out all we have to offer in our retail Levitate Outpost, right here at the Humarock Boathouse.

Our entire SUP line is perfect for yogis too. Salute the Sun as it rises over Cape Cod Bay, Bow to the sunset as it slips below the Marshfield Hills and celebrate the moon in Goddess Pose.

Whether you choose to rent a BIC Sports SUP or make the move and purchase a Levitate SUP, your HumHappy state-of-mind will shine through within minutes of launching your board. Our paddleboard pricing sheet can he found here.

*Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What’s included?

A paddle, life jacket, whistle, map and basic safety instruction


You’d be forgiven for spending most of your time on the beach just soaking in the sun, but you’ll want to save some time for kayaking our beautiful shores. Create your own adventure in our Old Town and Ocean Kayak rental fleet, which includes classic singles & tandems, sit-on-tops and the newest innovation of pedal-powered kayaks. Launch directly into the South River from the public access-way adjacent to the Boathouse and enjoy a day of fun kayaking in and out of exquisitely beautiful estuaries and along Humarock’s scenic coastline. Here, you’ll view our marine inhabitants up close as your paddle enters the water and shorebirds follow your lead.

If you prefer a hands-free kayak experience, try our popular pedal kayaks. In addition to stocking the popular Malibu pedale kayaks, we also rent Old Town Predator pedal kayaks, designed for a comfortable day of fishing on the River. Join us and you’ll be enjoying that special HumHappy feeling in no time at all. Our kayak pricing sheet can he found here and our kayak information sheet can be found here.

*Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What’s included?

A paddle, life jacket, whistle, map and basic safety instruction


Splashing distance from Humarock Beach, the South River and the wide open sea, Humarock Boathouse features a laid-back atmosphere, where water-swept views, breathtaking sunsets, outdoor spaces and surf breaks are just a few of the perks.

We’re proud retailers for the Levitate brand of surfboards. Discover all we have to offer in our Levitate Outpost, located right here at the Humarock Boathouse. Come grab a board (or two) and create your own HumHappy vibrations.

Fishing Gear

Owing to the South River’s tidal activity, the Humarock Boathouse is surrounded by crystal clear waters that support a cornucopia of fish, including the celebrated Striped Bass, which grow big in Humarock waters. We rent the spinning gear you need to catch “schoolies” (baby Bass) and Keeper Bass as well as the Bluefish, Menhaden that make our waters their home.

Surf fishing along Humarock Beach is a special experience and we’ll show you how. Just a minute walk from our door, you can cast your line and, equipped with a bit of patience and knowledge, you’ll experience a remarkably fun day of coastal fishing.

Or you may want to venture out on the South River in our Old Town Predator Peddle Kayaks, expertly designed for a day of fishing in and out of the River’s beautiful estuaries brimming with marine life.

Our fishing gear pricing sheet can he found here.


Our location is the perfect base from which to explore this extraordinary peninsula on two wheels. Our line of bikes is beautiful, functional and made specifically for coastline cruising. Our fleet is comprised of Priority Brand Cruiser bikes, which have been designed and tested in beach climates around the globe. Having visited and toured Priority’s headquarters in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, we were convinced that these bikes were the perfect choice for our location on the water.

Hop on and you’ll be enjoying the HumHappiness that makes Humarock a vacationer’s paradise. In the summer, you may want to bring a hat and wear a bathing suit under your clothes for a quick dip in the ocean after your ride! Our bike pricing sheet can he found here.

Fly Fishing Experiences

Fly Fishing with Joe Cordeiro is one of the feature attractions of the Humarock Boathouse. Here, in Humarock, the surrounding pristine waters of the South River and Cape Cod Bay support an abundance of marine life, including a prolific community of schoolie bass and keeper bass and some big keepers at that! Are you interested in a one-on-one guide trip along Humarock Beach? Or maybe a group fly fishing experience in the marshes of the River? Whichever you choose, Joe has the experience, knowledge and personality to ensure a fun and lively day on the water! Read more about Joe’s Fly Fishing Experiences here.